With thousands of hours clocked up on the tracks to the ocean, Mike and Connor knew the time it took to clean and preserve your pride and joy after every run – PWC, boat or 4x4. No marine wash existed on the market that you could simply spray on, let sit for a bit, then rinse off with 100% of the sea salt gone in a matter of seconds. His formal qualifications as an automotive tech came into play when he teamed up with a leading chemist “Prof. Paul” and a group of select industry experts to conduct more than a year of rigorous R&D product testing. Lab and field tests were all about  formulating the most ecofriendly, fast acting, no scrubbing marine wash that thoroughly cleaned and protected as one. Experimentation included solutions of citrus, vinegar, chelating agents, organic derivatives and a range of surfactants in what would ultimately become the most advanced marine wash that’s kind to both mother nature and prised water craft. 100% Australian made to remove 100% of salt in just seconds.

Job done.