Salt Shift Marine Wash is PH neutral and Salt Shift Off-Road is not PH Neutral

Yes, our advanced off-road wash was created with bucket washing in mind.

Employing a wash mitt/sponge for aggitation is helpful for getting ride of tough mud.

Yes we spent 11 months formulating the most eco friendly boat wash available on the market. The core formula is plant based, which in a nutshell takes less oxygen out of water. In saying this out of all honestly as we are very passionate waterman, nothing is EPA approved, not even tap water with chlorine, fluoride and lead.

Absolutely yes, our new patented Chassis Flushers are designed and manufactured all in Australia

Yes it is safe to use on all surfaces.

Yes it has been designed to clean and remove salt from anything that goes in or near a salty environment.

It is recommended to use 40mls of wash per 960mls of water, this is the optimum mixing ratio for performance and efficiency. On average we use 500mls of mixture to clean a jet ski, or around 2L to clean a 25ft boat.

Yes all our formulas are Australian made and tolled locally to us in QLD.

Most people don’t know how these products work, but they actually dissolve the salt, making it into a liquid to then run off the vessel.

If you let the formula dry in the sun it will leave streak, just like any other wash application. Good thing with our formula is it works in under 30 seconds, also incorporating a small amount of an anti corrosive additive, giving further protection and shine to your vessel when wiped down with our microfibre towel.