photo of chassis flusher kit with chassis flusher, off-road wash and flusher cannister with valved line
Salt Shift Chassis Flusher Kit
Salt Shift Chassis Flusher Kit
Salt Shift Chassis Flusher Kit
Salt Shift Chassis Flusher Kit
Salt Shift Chassis Flusher Kit

Salt Shift

Salt Shift Chassis Flusher Kit

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Salt Shift Chassis Flusher Kit

Chassis Flusher

Gold Coast Warehouse

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Protect your vehicle chassis from damaging corrosion with the revolutionary Salt Shift Chassis Flusher Kit. This patented technology is purposely engineered to flush out all dirt, mud and salt from the inside of your chassis prolonging the structural integrity of your off-road vehicle. Simply connect the Salt Shift Flusher Cannister filled with Advanced Off-road Wash to your garden hose on one side and valved lines and Chassis Flusher on the other. Attach the Chassis Flusher to the chassis rail holes via the mega-strong magnets, turn on the tap and let the water flow with the convenient valve allowing you to toggle the water flow on and off. All unwanted debris is agitated and removed in a matter of seconds making it an essential maintenance investment for any off-road enthusiast. 


Kit includes:


  1. Pour 50ml of Advanced Off-Road Wash into your Flusher Canister.

  2. Attach the Flusher Canister to the valve line then attach the valve line to the Chassis Flusher unit.

  3. Place the Chassis Flusher into the desired chassis hole and turn on the water.

*Please note Salt Shift formulas are UV activated, do not store in direct sun as they will loose colour, however the agents in Salt Shift formulas will still work perfectly fine if colour has been lost.