Salt Shift Essentials Box
Salt Shift Get-Go Pack
Tips for Jet Ski and Boat Maintenance
Man cleaning boat
Best way to clean a boat
How to flush your boat engine
towel to dry my boat without leaving water marks
Fastest way to clean boat
Boat and Jet Ski Engine Flushing Product
Step by Step Marine Wash Products
How to flush your outboard motors
How to maintain your outboard engine

Get-Go Pack

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Get all the Salt Shift goods to make your machine gleam in our comprehensive Marine Wash Kit. Everything is included to maintain your PWC or boat both inside and out – trailers and water sports accessories too. From cleaning and protecting fibreglass and metal surfaces to engine flushing and parts lubrication, we’ve got you fully covered to keep it looking good and lasting longer. Protect you pride with Salt Shift.


How to clean your jet ski


How to clean the salt off your jet ski

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