Mike is an avid ocean-goer and off-road enthusiast who understands the importance of properly cleaning and preserving his beloved vehicles and vessels. Despite his extensive experience on the water, he could not find a marine wash on the market that effectively removed sea salt with ease.Utilizing his formal qualifications as an automotive technician and boat sales experience, Mike collaborated with a prominent chemist, known as "Prof. Paul," and a group of industry experts to conduct over a year of rigorous research and development to create a solution. The team aimed to formulate an eco-friendly, fast-acting, no-scrubbing marine wash that would thoroughly clean and protect watercrafts.


Through experimentation with various ingredients over 100 split tests conducted, they ultimately developed the most advanced marine and off-road wash available. This revolutionary product was designed to be kind to both watercraft and the environment, removing 100% of salt buildup in just seconds.With this breakthrough, Mike founded Salt Shift. An Australian-based company dedicated to providing the most effective and eco-friendly formulas for cleaning jet skis, boats, 4x4s and anything that touches salt or mud.