Salt Shift MX Detail Kit
Salt Shift MX Detail Kit
Salt Shift MX Detail Kit
Salt Shift MX Detail Kit
Salt Shift MX Detail Kit
Salt Shift MX Detail Kit
Salt Shift MX Detail Kit
Salt Shift MX Detail Kit

Salt Shift

Salt Shift MX Detail Kit

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Salt Shift MX Detail Kit

Gold Coast Australia Warehouse

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

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Rev up your cleaning game with our ultimate dirt bike cleaning kit, designed to keep your ride looking its best after every off-road adventure. This comprehensive kit includes everything you need to thoroughly clean and protect your bike.

Our specially formulated degreaser is tough on grime and grease, cutting through the dirt and leaving your bike looking brand new. The off-road wash is perfect for getting rid of any dirt or mud on your bike without the elbow grease.

The pump spray bottle makes it easy to apply the cleaning solutions, while the hard and soft bristle brushes help you reach every nook and cranny of your bike. Use the soft bristle brush for gentle cleaning on more delicate parts of your bike, and the hard bristle brush for tougher jobs like cleaning chain and sprockets.

To finish off the cleaning process, our plastic and vinyl shiner will give your bike that extra shine, making it look like it just rolled off the showroom floor. The two microfiber cloths are included to help you wipe away any excess product and give your bike a final polish.

Whether you're a professional rider or a weekend warrior, our dirt bike cleaning kit is the perfect addition to your maintenance arsenal. Give your bike the care it deserves and ride with confidence, knowing that it's always in top condition.

Kit includes: 
  • Salt Shift Mighty Degreaser 750ML
  • Salt Shift Fine Shine 750ML
  • Salt Shift Off-Road Wash 1L
  • Salt Shift Hard & Soft Bristle Brush
  • Salt Shift Pump Action Foamer
  • Salt Shift Microfibre Cloth x 2


    The Salt Shift Advanced Off-Road Wash is scientifically engineered in one of Australia’s leading laboratories by qualified scientists specialising in the field of custom formulaic agents. More than a year of extensive lab and field testing has culminated in a premium, eco-friendly wash that offers the following cutting-edge cleaning benefits for four-wheel drives, bikes, ATVs, caravans and trailers. 

    • Marine salts, dirt and mud are 100% dissolved by a formula base of advanced mineral compounds designed to lift and break down corrosive, organic material while assisting with contactless cleaning.
    • Special corrosion inhibiting additives bond to surfaces to protect and preserve your vehicle’s paintwork, metals, plastics and rubbers when travelling on or off-road.
    • Plant-derived surfactants emulsify damaging salts and minerals contained in saltwater making for a safe and eco-friendly cleaning experience.
    • Salt Shift is officially classed as a “readily biodegradable” formula meaning it passes the test for ultimate biodegradability — the cleanest off-road vehicle cleaner.

    *Please note Salt Shift formulas are UV activated, do not store in direct sun as they will loose colour, however the agents in Salt Shift formulas will still work perfectly fine if colour has been lost.